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      Yongkang Shengyuan Gear Factory

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       Gear type has a lot of multifarious, points from the tooth profile involute gear, arc gear gear and other curves. Upward from the teeth have straight teeth gear, helical gear with circular arc gear. There is a kind of special gear is in the following we will introduce to the spiral bevel gear.



      Litres of source company specializing in the production of spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, due to the spiral bevel gear has a large overlap coefficient, smooth transmission and high strength properties of spiral bevel gear is widely used in printing equipment, automotive differential, and lock, also can be used in locomotive, ships, power plants, steel mills, the railway track detection, three-wheeled motorcycle, atv, recreational on a stationary bike, electric tools, pneumatic tools, lawn mower, sewing machine, paper machine, spinning machine, food machine and other kinds of machinery.


      Spiral bevel gear is a kind of bevel gear, spiral bevel gear can be divided into: zero arc tooth wimble gear tip clearance teeth and double contraction [such as tooth (gleason gear system)] and spiral bevel gear (such as tooth tip clearance contraction (gleason gear system, eni was tooth) and tooth, such as high cartesian tooth (-)].


      Spiral bevel gear machining principle

      Processing spiral bevel gear, usually in accordance with the principle of virtual flat shovel gear. So-called flat spade gear and a bevel gear, but the addendum is on a plane, the plane perpendicular to the axis of the gear, that is, its top cone Angle is 90 °; Flat section of the gear surface is still the cone, cone section. So-called press flat top gear principle of gear machining, namely in the process of teeth, imagine a flat top gear and the cradle on the machine tool, and with the shake table rotation and the meshing teeth rotation, no gap. The virtual flat top gear tooth surface, is by the machine shake table milling cutter cutting edges on the shaking table rotation trajectory has been replaced. That is, flat top gear tooth surface, is by the blade of the knife plate around the rotary cutter axis and part of the formation of the cone. Such as a pair of gears meshing movement, and makes the tool on the gear billet cutting out a tooth. In adjusting machine, should cause the imaginary flat top gear teeth round section of the cone and cone section of pure rolling, knife rotating plane, and by the teeth roots cone and tangent cone cutter axis is perpendicular to the root, therefore shaking machine tool axis and the grinding wheel axis into a point of view, is to be the root of grinding wheel Angle.


      For reducing bevel gear, the root section Angle and Angle are not equal, the root cone and cone section is parallel. When teeth, cutter knives to cut the top surface of the tooth flank, the cutter axis Yu Genzhui surface should be vertical. At this point, the gear shape gear production can only be flat item on, namely the production of gear face Angle is equal to 90 °, reducing bevel gear teeth, are generally based on the principle of the imaginary flat top gear machining. Hypothetical section Angle and Angle of flat top gear is not equal to, say, pitch cone and cone surface is not parallel. When cutting knives, knife turning cone surface tangent plane and gear root, to make the cut out the tooth profile Angle of symmetrical section in line, you must modify it tooth profile Angle of the blade. Again due to the spiral Angle of the tooth, tooth to nod in each point of the pressure Angle are revised. Generally only according to the middle point of tooth surface of tooth profile Angle difference knife to select number. At this time in other pressure Angle is not the same everywhere, cause tooth contact Angle, this problem should be solved by the adjustment of the machine tool.


      The price of arc tooth wimble gear

      The following key is a reference price, if you want to learn more about custom arc tooth wimble gear 's price, details could consulting the: 86 - zhejiang 0579-87182317 logistics: jinhua


      Spiral bevel gear SY - 019 price: negotiable

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 017 prices selections (batch 1 set or higher) since 20.00

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 015 prices selections (batch 1 set or higher) since 20.00

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 013 prices selections (a batch of 100 or higher) 20.00

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 010 prices selections (a batch of 1000 or higher) 5.00

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 09 prices selections (batch 1 set or higher) since 100.00

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 07 price selections (200.00 of a batch of 10 or more)

      Spiral bevel gear SY - 06 of $20.00 selections (a batch of 1000 or higher)


      Spiral bevel gear SY - 010 prices selections (a batch of 1000 or higher) 6.00


      Photo sharing of arc tooth wimble gear

      Spiral bevel gear

      Spiral bevel gear

      Spiral bevel gear 13


      Spiral bevel gear processing manufacturers


      Professional manufacturer of spiral bevel gear processing production - litre source gear, yongkang rose source company is a professional manufacturing all kinds of spiral bevel gear processing manufacturers, their products have a spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spur gear, gear shaft, mechanical parts, machining spiral bevel gear, to map processing, processing of arc tooth wimble gear. More knowledge about the spiral bevel gear: www.www.jlego.com


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